Will Rogers grew up in western New South Wales, Australia. His parents are farmers and horses have always been a part of his life. From early on he had a passion for horses and a desire to be able to understand and educate them. He understood that in order to train them and bring out the best in them he would have to go on a journey of personal growth and self-development.

Will started to work for and learn from different horse trainers in Australia in his summer holidays in an effort to collect information for his future professional career. He continued learning from different people until his desire to become a cutting horse trainer led him to the USA. Here he trained and worked with some of the best people in the industry and further built his awareness and skill in horse training. After two years in America Will traveled to Denmark to reconnect with his good friend Tristan Tucker whom he had earlier worked with in Australia. Will’s purpose became to share ideas and seek a better understanding of horses as well as a better way to train and work with them. His aim was to open up opportunities to develop a more advanced and refined approach to training horses.

During this early time in Europe Will became fascinated with the discipline of dressage and its ability to evolve the horse’s physical capability. He found that it challenged him to find an even more refined communication with the horses. A solid foundation of horsemanship and understanding the horse’s way of thinking never lost its importance in the process. Will spent a few years in Denmark mainly starting young horses and working with traumatised, dangerous and troubled horses. In this time and onwards he really developed knowledge and understanding of how horses think and learn and he also became aware and respectful of how important good education is for the horse from early on in life.

He then moved on to live in the Netherlands for 5 years where he got more connected with the sports world and modern breeding and started to extend his work to help people with their horses in these areas as well. Soon he added large scale performances at international events to his schedule in order to inspire people and showcase the trust a horse can develop through a good solid base of partnership. Among the shows Will has attended are: JBK Horse Show (Denmark), Herning Hingstekåring (Denmark), Gothenburg Horse Show (Sweden), Horse Event (Netherlands), Hestefrelst Oslo (Norway), Equitana (Germany) and Pferd & Jagd (Germany).

In 2017 Will moved to Germany where he is now focusing his education on improving horses in dressage and advanced liberty work, while always keeping the well-being of his horses and the partnership with them the highest priority. He finds joy in educating people to find a better connection and communication with their horses and in creating beautiful videos to inspire people to believe that their dreams can become reality.

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